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Challenge your mind agaist a smart AI or agaist your friends with this simple-but-fun planar 3D puzzle game while being allured by amazing backgrounds and breathtaking soundtrack and answer the most ancient question: can you beat a Chyrkyan?


  • CPU = Dual Core @ 2.1GHz
  • RAM = 4Gb
  • HDD = 410Mb
  • Multiplayer = 2xHotseat
  • SOFTWARE = DX9, OpenGL 3.0
  • DRM = none
  • Compatible with Windows 7, MacOS X and Linux X11 or above

Developed and published independently by Produzioni CIULLO CORPORATION (see mainsite for details)

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COPYRIGHT © 2011/2019 - Massimiliano Ciullo, Sebastiano Ciullo, Irene Sualdin - CIULLO CORPORATION

ALL RIGHT RESERVED - all game assets, graphics and musics have been developed exclusively by our staff, Java engine developed by Sebastiano Ciullo @ CIULLO CORPORATION

this is no creative commons product

best will be featured on HOMEPAGE and at GamerS HitS


Buy Now$2.25 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Chyrkyan Trial 2 Manual.pdf 363 kB
Chyrkyan Trial 2 Manuale.pdf 356 kB
[PC] Chyrkyan Trial 2.zip 57 MB
[PC] Chyrkyan Trial 2.z01 75 MB
[PC] Chyrkyan Trial 2.z02 75 MB
[PC] Chyrkyan Trial 2.z03 75 MB
[PC] Chyrkyan Trial 2.z04 75 MB
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Hello, I notice you've been uploading separate pages for each platform. Generally it's recommended to upload all platforms to a single page so someone can access all versions with one purchase. Also, I recommend using a single zip file instead of splitting it apart. Thanks

Hello, and thank you for interesting on our whereabouts.

I'll tell you, honestly, I've split the .zip archive due low connection on my side and recurring issues in sync between Dropbox and ITCH: that way I manage to avoid loosing entire days on uploads that punctually fails at different grades of completion.

About the separation of platforms, we started by putting all releases in one package, but customer reports and analysis told us that  it is uneasy that a MAC user would use a PC version and vice-versa and there's not many people who like being "forced" to pay for 3 things when actually they need just 1... so we decided to make separated cards to clear out any inconvenience.

Hope this clarify our conduct, and, while may it be unusual, it is not contrary to your policies.